Only 364 days until Halloween

Now that Halloween is over for another year I thought I’d share a few pictures of what the Fisticuffs crew got up to over the weekend.

The theme was “Scare Bears”, and everything you see was made from scratch, mostly by TwizzyBoy and everyone’s favourite Chinaman, Mr Nickerless Chan. WARNING, IMAGES NOT SUITABLE FOR THE EYES OF THE INNOCENT.

Time to start counting down the days untill next year.

Devilish Dane

Halloween has provided me with a great excuse to feature some of Uncle Allan’s recent vibrant black and red marvels. It would have been easy to choose between the many visually intricate horned women that he has done over the years. But there is something about these more traditional and equally striking tattoos which makes me want to get covered in enough evil imagery to ensure I burn in hell for all eternity.

He prepared some awesome flash for Halloween tattoos a couple of days ago so keep an eye on his blog for pictures.

Tattoos by Uncle Allan at Conspiracy Inc Tattoo, Copenhagen.